Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sledding Family Vacation

This year Matt and I took Daniel, Sami and Austin up to the cabin in Island Park for a little fun on the sleds. The snow was sparse, but we managed to have a blast. There was some tense moments about who would drive the RMK's, but Sami was a champ and made riding the Indy look like it was an RMK. But she is MY daughter!

Hanging at the potty stop at the big springs side of the Two Top loop. I figured out why I look like such a freakin dork....My pants have ridden up and I just didn't care. I was warm and that is my priority.

Some random guy and me. Actually he looks suspiciously like my hot hubby.

Sami. I think she is getting her iPod or she is itching her boobies. Difficult to tell.


Sami on the Indy. My old favorite sled.

Thumbs up and ready to roll!

Nothing like a sip of hot Sake to chase the chill!

Stopping for a few to shake out the thumbs and straighten the back.

Sami fell down the wood stairs to the storage. A full sacrifice for the need for Ramen Noodles.

Me and my man candy ala Hubby ala Matt.

TWO TOP!! Look how clear it is!! Don't' be fooled though, the wind was blowing and that is the very reason the helmet's never came off!

Cool pic of Daniel checking out the view.

Sweet view.

On the sleds. I was returning a text and trying to send a pic of the view to Gary. My phone battery went from three bars to dead in that short amount of time.

Kids checking out the view.

Family pic of me and my kids. Austin was the only one with enough inner warmth to be able to take off his helmet. No one else dared. I can promise that I was smiling in this pic! There is nothing better then spending time doing something you love WITH the little people you raised and love dearly. We really missed Jake, but unfortunately he had to work. Hopefully next year we can get them all and even maybe Matt's girls can make it!

My baby is on the far left. I love the XC. If I ever have extra money I am buying myself one. It's the perfect sled for my old hiney! It's like riding a Cadillac!
What a great trip. When we weren't sledding we were watching videos and reading. We spent dinner at Pond's lodge and had lunch in West Yellowstone. Matt and I went down to Pond's to watch the Dallas/Vikings game, but left early when the winner became clear and the bright sunlight was calling us to RIDE!!!

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