Saturday, January 23, 2010

So, I was in the jacuzzi....

Friday I had a huge day at work and I was exhausted. My hips ached like they were going to fall off. I think I'm getting old.

Saturday I decided to go to the gym and do some stretching and maybe ride the bike for 30 minutes. It was suggested that I spend some time in the gym jacuzzi. The amount of chlorine at least makes me feel like I'm somewhat safe.

I didn't count on the creepers.

How AWKWARD to sit in a jacuzzi with 4 total strangers. Then I realized the two old men in the far corners were sure there a long time. THEN an older gentleman came out to get in with the shortest, loosest swimsuit I have ever seen. I made the huge mistake of glancing his way as he bent over at the water fountain to get a drink. You guessed it! Nothing like a little old man nut sack to add to the already pristine ambiance. Then I hoped no one saw me look and I started smiling and almost laughing. This is the first time I wished there was someone with me at the gym to share my person hell.

I don't regret it, but next time I want to make sure the creepers in the corner are taking a break and unwrinkling their skin!

Blog on..............

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