Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm trying to figure out if I should sleep or stay awake, eat or just forget it. It's the night shift hangover. I'm teary, pissy and just plain uncomfortable.

Understanding the need for people to stay in a hospital overnight does not assuage my night shift hangover OR lessen my families pain.

For now I am sitting on a heating pad (piriformis syndrome) and rubbing bio freeze on my heel (plantar fasciitis) trying to forget the obvious and heal these chronic running problems I keep having. Next up - acupuncture.

Did you know they can do botox injection into your piriformis muscle to relax it and let your sciatica heal??? Does that mean I won't be able to squeeze my cheeks?? hehehe

Blog on..........

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  1. third person present simple form of "assuage" is assuages. ie: she assuages her fatigue from the night shift by taking a nap.

    anagram of assuages is "sausages". thought you would want to know. love ya.