Monday, May 10, 2010

Race for the Cure 2010

Matt, Sami and I headed out Saturday morning for some 5K action for the Race for the Cure. It wasn't any time setting type of run, but it sure was fun. Just seeing all the groups running together and reading the memories/celebrations on everyone's back was great. It was definitely humbling. The amount of people affected by breast cancer is just crazy! We ran in memory of my sister LeAnn and in celebration of my mom, Marcene. Let's just hope that they will make leaps and strides in treating this cancer before my sister or I get it!!

Great thanks to Sami and Matt for running it with me. Actually, we all ended up running pretty much alone, since we are all at different levels of fitness. It was still fabulous!

We ended our experience with a delicious breakfast at Coachmans! YES!

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