Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Corinnes Bday 2010

Happy Birthday Corinne!!

Birthday Girl

Matt and I try to get the kids all together once in a while for Birthdays and such. This month was Corinne's Birthday and it was nice to see all the kids!

Matt - master chef. He cooked a delicious Mexican feast.
Logan and Austin. Pre-meal chips, salsa and Mexican soda.
Austin's reaction to a Home Depot question. Settle down there cowboy!! hehe
Jake and his new motorcycle
Posing for a pic for his mom.
Jake and I
Chris and Ryder. Ryder wasn't feeling too good and just wanted to be with his mommy and daddy at first. Of course Zoe was on the lookout for the littlest crumb.
Present time! Corinne and Rachelle
University of Utah garden decoration
Shopping bags and a small picture album, plus a little surprise in her card.
Austin and Ted chillin.
Ryder felt much better after getting a fork and CHEESE!!
The lounge around.
Matt and I
Making a wish with a little Ryder help
Delicious ice cream cake!
My boys!
Then we gave Ryder a knife. Of course he was assisted by his Pipa!

It was a great time and hopefully life will settle down enough we can do it more and more. I love being with my kids and watching them hang with each other.

Happy Birthday to Corinne! It's going to be a big year for her. She is going back to school AND getting married!! Woot!! Woot!!

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