Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yeah, really

It's been over a month and the folder of "Need to blog" pictures is overflowing.
On the other hand, I have a second job to pull in some money. We don't really NEED it per se, but I was feeling like I wasn't working enough. The projects at home are still there - but I felt the need to have sort of a back up plan. Working as a nurse you have your slow times and busy times and when I need money isn't necessarily when it's busy up at the U and I can get over time.

So, I applied at Jordan Valley Hospital for a position in their CVICU. Which is the only adult ICU in the hospital. I was worried about working in a small hospital and I was ready to jump in and accept the way they do things. There is always more then one way to skin a cat!! I absolutely love it! The stress factor is much lower there and I'm a newby, so no one comes to me for questions. Well, sometimes they do, but the staff is awesome and so welcoming, I just love it. It gives me a different perspective on ICU care and I slow down a little and take more time with the little stuff. It's not all LIVE or DIE any second.

My job at the U in the SICU is secure and well loved. I reassess my job constantly and I just can't imagine myself anywhere else full time. OK, I work 75% there (2 shifts one week and 3 shifts the next) and that is perfect for me. It's a high stress job and I am emotionally invested to the unit. I want the SICU to be a great unit and have the high standards that were in place when I started. I feel like I get the best of both worlds.

Needless to say, when starting a new nursing job there is lots of classes and orientation to go to, so I have been wickedly busy. I love the opportunity and are especially grateful for not just one but two fabulous jobs. Plus I get to have a little cushion for the emergency stuff!!

In the last month, lots of things have happened. First of all Corinne and Logan are engaged!!! YEAH!! I am so excited for them and they are so perfect for each other. Logan has been in our family already and love him mucho grande! We look forward to their wedding in August. It's very small family affair up at a cabin and with all the families and step-families they have to be real selective.

My cute little "pseudo" daughter had her adorable baby boy on April 15th. TAX DAY!! I will blog with pics about it, but she is doing fabulous and, oh my goodness, he is a treat! Lyndsi is Chris's daughter and as you know (well you do now) Chris is one of my great friends that has been a part of my life since my divorce. He has been there for me in so many ways and I have been around Lyndsi since she was about 7. They moved to Colorado but we were lucky to have Lyndsi come stay with us in the summer for a couple weeks for a couple of years. I love them both so much and being able to spend time with them and get to know Brent, Lyndsi's boyfriends and Hunter, Chris's 4 year old son, was so awesome. I miss them!!!

My kids are great. Daniel went on a cruise with his dad. Sami is driving up a storm in my car - she won't drive a stick shift. Matt is drooling over the boat, getting antsy to get it in the water. Austin is working on getting in the electricians union and Jake is playing in a band, that is actually pretty darn impressive.

Watch for pics and updates....I am determined, double determined to get them all blogged so I can have a book made!!

Mwah mwah and double MWAH!!

Blog on.................

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