Friday, August 13, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I don't even feel bad that I haven't updated the blog. We have been really busy!!

Like my friend at work likes to say , "Like a fart in a skillet". Well, Matt and I have been two farts in a skillet. We had some pretty laid back family vacations planned this summer, which have been fantastic! When we aren't on those, we are bustin our hineys on projects that were basically thrown in our laps. Yippee!!!

The carpet was wet in the kids room, so we pulled it all up and discovered that we had a slow leak that had been going on for a bit on the north side of the house. Since then (about the first of July) we have cleared out the two bedrooms, ripped off half the walls and had a basement company come jackhammer around the edges and do some special drainage system with a sump pump. Now we just need to replace the walls, paint, re-lay the carpet and THEN the kids can move back in. Pictures to follow! Note: The day they jackhammered was a post-night shift day. With only earplugs, I slept the entire day all the way through the noise. I must have been super tired and I slept 12 hours that day!

When Rachelle and Chris moved out of the condo at the end of June, we thought we would do a little upgrading and finish a few things before renting it out. Heaven knows we can't sell a damn thing in this market. The updating has turned into a full blown overhaul! Matt hired a great friend of ours to do most of the hard stuff - plumbing, tile, etc. I have taken over the painting and I must say, my cut-in skills are almost perfect! I don't have to tape ANYTHING! So, every minute we have when we aren't working is spent working on one of the two projects along with things like laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning etc.

AND....I got another job!!! Let's hear it for Tres Jobs!!! I am loving it! I work at the U in the SICU, that is my base job with benefits, etc. Then I have my PRN job at Jordan/Pioneer Valley ICU's and I really like it. Less work and a lot more money!! The new addition to the job trifecta just makes me TINGLE!!! I am flying with Airmed to transport their cardiac devices!!! (Balloon Pumps, LVADs, etc.) OH yeah baby!! I am anxious to see how I do in the plane - and just anxious to fly!! I've done my training and trust me, it's a lot of making do and making the room you have work. Plus everything has to be super tied down in case of a bumpy ride. I am really hoping to get on with Airmed full time at some point. I just finally made that decision about 2 months ago. I was all wishy washy about it and then I finally thought, I have to shit or get off the pot. Let's make it happen so their is no regrets. I did interview for a PRN job, that they cancelled and didn't hire anyone. It was a wonderful experience and taught me just how much I need to know! So I have a list and I'm checking it twice....hoping for the best!

Matt is just super busy with the house projects and work. He's such a hard worker, THAT makes me tingle!! Woot Woot!!!

We are taking pics of our projects and hope to post them along with the pics from our vacations soon!! Stay in touch and let me know if you feel like doing a little painting, drywall, building, cleaning......

Blog on.........

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