Sunday, August 22, 2010


OK, we are not turning into hoarders, but unless you know us, you would be hard pressed to believe it!!

Here is the progress we have made in Sami's room. The sump pump is in, concrete back down and the walls back up - thanks to Matt with some help from Daniel and Austin! We also had some great help from John Q. - our favorite contractor and buddy!

Daniels room. Just a little sanding then we start on the priming and painting. The carpet goes back down in about 8 - 10 days.

Looks hoarderish, eh?? This is the view into our basement "kitchenette". The carpet is stacked up in rolls and Daniel's bed is leaned up against it.

Sami's temporary room. (Yeah, she is handing me a bowl of rice she doesn't want any more of, so I can take it up to the kitchen) I didn't get all my storage organized before the flood and we pushed everything out to the sides and threw down her mattresses. We were hoping to get them back into their rooms before school, but it's just not going to happen.

This is Daniel's temporary room. He's just piled all his clothes around him. Behind the couch is some curtains and on the other side of the curtains in where Sami is staying. It's tenuous at best, they get into a few tiff's here and there.

The hard work is paying off and the condo is almost painted and I plan to have the kids rooms painted before we leave for San Francisco. I am hoping to keep the crazy painting pace and finally get the bathrooms painted and the master bedroom. We might as well finish it off, eh? I think both Matt and I are over all the work and Home Depot runs. Especially Matt. He is putting in a lot more time and sweat then I am. I am excited about what we have done to the condo and know that in the end it's the best thing. Don't believe anyone that says - "all you need is a fresh coat of paint". Our fresh coat of paint turned into about 10 gallons! Thanks to my kids for helping out (for 10 bucks an hour!) I will get more pics up when I get them downloaded. We are taking lots of pics!!

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