Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daniel's performance at 9th and 9th festival

Daniel plays with the Wasatch Music Academy in Salt Lake City. This last week they played at the 9th and 9th festival on a big stage. The band did awesome!! here is some pics from the day.

Daniel with his band mates: Dylan, Nick, Daniel and Zack.

I finally got the entire band together and told them to look famous.
Nate, Dylan, Nick, Daniel and Zack. It's a good start! I should get it blown up and signed!

The funk band. Frickin Awesome!

The Waldron family band. Talk about some talent!!
Daniel getting started.

The stage.

Awesome side shot.

Nick and Dylan

Oh look, he has a face!!! so cute.

After the show.

Jakes reused shirt. He used a shoelace to attach a pic off his old pic that he wanted to keep. Pretty handy!

Rockers Chit Chattin.

Jake and Daniel.
Wow, my kids are growing up! They are damn good kids too!

Group pictures of those performing with Wasatch Music Academy.

The next band included the WMA owner and to my surprise the singer is a young friend of mine! He is the brother of one of my good friends husband. I have seen him a bunch of time and was thrilled I was able to see him perform. He is really awesome and the whole band rocks!

Daniel and I went for a little Henna action after we wandered around the festival. The festival was really awesome and I'm hoping to his it next year too!!

Watching my kids grow up and excel at things and being able to watch and appreciate the kind of wonderfulness that are my children is so life fulfilling! It is really an awesome! This is a kick-ass time to be a parent!

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