Thursday, September 23, 2010

Past Life?

So my nephew is going on a mission.
I went to my sisters house to support him as he opened his calling papers. He's going to Paraguay. Sweet, another Spanish speaking family member.
My sister also posted a picture of me in my younger years with a Farrah Fawcett hair-do and a BYU T-shirt.

It all starts up and feels black and white instead of kinda grey. That little line of what I thought and what I was and what I am and how I think is very intricate. All night at work I have felt like I had to explain myself to people when I really didn't have to.
"My nephew is going on a mission, but I'm not Mormon."

I couldn't help myself. It just tumbled out EVERY time. I tried not to say it and I couldn't stop it. Of course I was working at my 2nd job and people there don't know me too well. They don't know about (whispering) BYU and all that stuff. I'm super proud of the decisions I've made over the course of the last 15 years and how I have stayed true to myself and my heart. I feel this inner peace/calm that is amazing. I know exactly what I believe.

Then everything clashes and although I don't change what I believe, I start feeling this righteous indignation about my childhood. As time goes on and I raise my own kids, the feeling gets stronger. Seriously? My childhood was fantastic. My parents made me go to church. I can think of worse problems. That's is what they thought was the very best and it is still what they think is the very best. I think they are still scratching their heads about where things went wrong.

My parents were exceptional in that I was allowed to play with kids of all religions and I never heard them judge. My grandma and great grandma were super gossipers and I never remember my mom gossiping. Very loving, family oriented and hard working parents.

They are awesome, don't forget that.

So are my kids.

I guess I did OK. So far.

Sorry to get your hopes up if you thought this was a "coming back to the fold" post. That would be funny though. I wonder what my husband would do?
My kids would kill me.

Is religious beliefs, family and being right a proper blog subject??
Unfortunately I can't make this picture any bigger on the blog. Look at those eyebrows! My sister LeAnn taught me those skills! Perfect feather hairdo. I love the trivets and the salad spoons on the wall!!! Makes me giggle.

Blog on!!!

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