Saturday, September 18, 2010

Zoe update

The vet called and left a 30 minute message on my cell phone. OK, it was probably about 2 minutes, it just felt like 30. He is an awesome vet and very thorough.

Looks like the Mast cell tumor on her butt was a stage 2 and he was able to get it out with clear margins.
"we done cured her of that"

That is a direct quote from the vet. As far as the tumor in her jaw, he has only seen two of those types of tumors (I can't remember the name exactly) in the mouth. Apparently in the mouth they become dangerous and quick growing. When she was X-Ray'd before surgery it looked like the tumor had invaded the bone. He took out some of the bone, hoping to help get rid of it. I will meet with him in a week to get her stitches out and get more details. He did recommend a Veterinary Oncologist that is just down the street from where we live.

Most of the time my head is just saying, "Serious???"
I mean, what is cancer's deal? Can't it just leave my pet alone?? I know of families that have lost pets to cancer and it is devastating. Cancer seriously sucks ass.

I will probably meet with the oncologist to get an idea of what she thinks and what kind of treatment she needs. I don't want to do any radical surgery or anything to make her suffer too much but I also don't want her to have a huge tumor that impedes her ability to eat and she just suffocates to death. That is super no bueno!

Speaking of cancer sucking ass:
The other day at work I had two cancer patients. These aren't my first patients with cancer and will not be my last. Both of these patients were awake and talking and getting ready to get out of the ICU. My interaction with them was great and their stories were heartbreaking. Before I transferred them out I read their histories so I could give report and guess what? Their stories were even worse then I thought. That day was spent thinking of my mantra for avoiding self pity.

If you think you are having a bad day, I can promise you that someone is having a worse day.

It's usually worse then you can imagine.

We are sad that Zoe has cancer and I am sure that as she gets worse and dies we will be even more sad. Really sad.

Even then, someone else will be having a bad day that is so much worse then mine. I find a sense of peacefulness and overwhelming gratitude every day as I interact and care for the people who are experiencing the unimaginable.

Blog on.............

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