Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is that sweat?

Today was an example of working harder, not smarter.  It started out OK with a lab that I had to participate in for work, a trip to Ikea (only 15 dollars folks!) and then home to get a few things done and work out.  

The greatest!  I got this in the mail today.  I LOVE it!  Protein powder that tastes like coffee but not so high in protein that it will cause GI total stoppage.  Because that is no fun!

Later I decided that maybe I should invest in a shoe with a little more stability for my long runs.  I sat for two hours on the web researching.   Finding the right shoe is so confusing.  I decided to stay with Saucony because of the fit. The men's 10.5 is perfect for my foot for running.  I know, I know, I have big feet.  The problem is, is that they are narrow.  Women's shoes tend to get wider the longer they get.  It's taken me years to find a shoe that fits width wise and still protects my toes.  After considering heel drop, weight and overall stability I decided to go with the Guide 5.  I headed over to the local running store to try a few on.  I also tried on the Hurricane.  The Hurricane has a lot more stability.  After walking around with one of each on, I went with the Guide 5.  They only had one color in my size. 

Red and Gold?  I got them anyway and then changed my mind when I saw how much cheaper I could get them online.  I thought I was all ms. smarty pants and ordered some and just an hour ago I realized I ordered the Ride 5 not the Guide 5.  Big difference.  I sent the online store an email but we will see how long it takes to fix that snafu.  Of course the color choices aren't that much better online, but I think I'm going with this one:

KAPOW!  I guess I'd rather have bright colors then oddly boring. I even have an outfit in mind to go with them.  I don't know about you, but having a great outfit makes me run faster!

As far as running today, I planned a 3 miler.  Just an easy 3 miler with no walk breaks.  Easy 10 min/mile pace.  I really like the rhythm I got into when I was running down the hill yesterday with no walk breaks.  I wasn't pushing myself too much, but keeping a good pace.  I do tend to plan out a training plan and then tweak it as I go.  Now I am going to start taking out walk breaks on the slower runs.  It may bite me in the ass, but it really feels nice.  

So I went to the gym and did 3 miles on the treadmill.  Of course I had to go up a little bit every minute.  I think I ended with a 9:20min/mile pace and it still felt controlled.  I tend to hunch over whenever I'm stressed or tired.  I worked hard to keep my shoulders back and down and cadence up.   Overall it was a great run.  Unfortunately it took me a little longer at the gym then I intended and had to rush off the treadmill, change from shorts to yoga pants and get to the studio.  

Well that was a case of a poorly planned sweat machine!!

Am I the only one that sweats like crazy after a run?  It's almost like I need 45 minutes to an hour to bring my body down and stop sweating, and I mean profusely!  Even showers don't stop it!  By the time I got to Yoga I was a few minutes late.  I don't have a lot of yoga experience, but I love what it does to help my running so I try and take a class occasionally.  Tonight I was struggling to keep up AND dripping with sweat.  Dripping.  I wiped off my face and neck 2 or 3 times and finally just took off my glasses because my face was so wet I couldn't keep them on my face.  The girl next to me kept looking at me, but I couldn't tell her facial expression because I couldn't wear my glasses because I was pouring sweat!!  

I am going to try to not do that again.  I did get a good workout.

Audrey3 update.  

We have two large watermelons growing.  They double in size about every 4 days.  One is on the ground - on the right and the other is growing right outside our front door, on the left.  We have rigged a net to keep it from snapping the stem off.  It's a lot of work for some random plant that just started growing, but now it's just a challenge.  We have to be one of only a few in the entire world that have a pumpkin plant strung along the top of their porch with a pumpkin you have to duck under to get to our door. 

I like to call it, unique.

Blog on.............

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