Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Learn, learn, lucky learn

I didn't ice my foot last night. I probably dripped some sweat in my brain and caused a short circuit. Today it is sore! I am wearing my flight boots and I have them laced up tight. Usually that prevents much sliding and my foot does OK. I'm limping today. Just a little though. I plan for some heavy icing and massage later. I forgot to bring bio freeze up with me (the sweat again?).

The great news or I like to call it lucky news, Running Warehouse received my email this morning, cancelled my order and credited my account!! That means I can order my new GUIDE 5's today. Of course I am considering getting the Hurricane's now with that extra pain I'm feeling. Time for a little more research! I could always use the Hurricane's for training and the Mirage for racing and short speed runs. I just want this injury to disappear....said every runner!

 Work boots.  I don't usually wear my pants up high, but I have to show off my awesome socks.  I was chilling in the hanger while the pilot, medic and new nurse were doing "stuff".
Later, since there was a new (well newer then me) nurse up in Rock Springs training then we pulled out the plastic head and talked intubation.  Something I try to practice and often.  Don't want to loose the skill!   I would have rather flown - but you do what you have to do!

Tomorrow - Speed day!

Blog on.............

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