Sunday, July 29, 2012

up uP UP!!

Hill run planned! 

Last night I curled up with the last two editions of Runners World.  I found some great tips and dreamed of new shoes and exotic races.  I even snacked on a little dark chocolate.  Great Saturday night!

Here is today's hill run:

This is the site of the Salt Lake Half Marathon Relay.  I'm running it with my friends Tera and Nicole.  Tera's husband Jason is running the entire Half Marathon.  I have the first leg which takes me over 3 1/2 miles up up up!  So Jason and I met up at the bottom and gave it a good try.  Of course Jason smoked me, but I was pleased with my first time results.  I want to do it a couple of times before the relay in a month.  I feel like I found a rhythm that I haven't had on hills before.  It was slow, around 12 min/miles but you have to start somewhere.  It's a wonderful place to get that long uphill training.  Plus running down it will help me train for my Top of Utah Marathon in three weeks.  It's a mostly downhill course but flattens our the last few miles.  

Today's Stats:

Total time to top: 41:56 - 3.66 miles 11:27 min/mile

1 - 10:31
2 - 12:05
3 - 11:03
last hill .67 mile - 12:28
I hit the lap button so I would know how long and what pace I did the entire hill.  I didn't realize it reset my pace and now was counting my miles from 3.67.  So here is the run downhill.  I stopped only once to take a swig of water and catch my breath but for the most part ran steadily the whole way down.
4.67 - 8:52
5.67 - 9:09
6.67 - 8:28
Last 405 feet - 8:30

I didn't take these pictures while I was running, I rarely take my phone.  I drove the course after and took them.  It is a beautiful day and still nice and cool.  Ton's of bikers to watch out for though!

Not a bad view!

Total Run: 6.74 miles at an average 10:15 pace
Walked .63  miles for a cool off and leg warm down.  I do this quite often and try to do a quarter to a half mile cool down walk, but this one was a little longer.

Super thrilled to be done and actually feeling pretty excited to tackle it again next week.

Assuming the position.  Foot did not hurt at all during the run. I was even too lazy to put it on a pillow.  Drinking coffee, NUUN and eating banana pancakes.  
Best Saturday ever.  

Later I'm making stuffed bell peppers with our fresh garden loot.  We planted little "fairy" eggplants that I am anxious to try.  Just mix some Anaheim pepper, eggplant and local grass fed beef.  Should be delicious!!

Have a great Saturday!  Keep running!

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