Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Yesterday I was on my way back up to Rock Springs.  Don't try and keep track of my drives up and back.  I picked up overtime and choose to drive home for a day and then go back.  Even I'm a little confused.

I try to leave the house between 630 - 7am.  It's a 2.5 hour drive, but there is inevitability at least one bathroom stop or a stop to walk around a little to wake up.  I was thrilled that I had woke up on time and not only was I ready to go I even had my breakfast smoothie in hand.  It was about 6:55 so I was still in my comfort zone.  

After a couple of turns onto a really busy street here in Salt Lake I noticed a bunch of cars with their flashers on in the middle of the road.  I figured it was a new fender bender and although I'm not a fan at stopping at accidents....EVER..I shot a glance over and as I came around the cars I saw someone laying in the road.  

Laying in the road.  A heap of coats and blankets with two women over the pile.  OK, I'm stopping.  I didn't know if they need me but EMS is no where to be seen and I do have some shit shoved into my head that could be helpful in this case.  I pulled over and ran over to the pile of coats and blankets to find a young lady and her book bag laying on the ground crying.  I introduced myself and asked the two ladies there if I could help and they said yes.  

One of the ladies told me she hit her with her car and went on about how she came out of no where. I asked if 911 had been called. I really was surprised it was an Auto-Ped, but I talked to the victim, told her not to move, asked her where it hurt etc.  The victim was in a lot of pain, but she was completely alert and being a ROCKSTAR at laying still.  She was in sort of an odd stomach position, but I knew that with EMS so close (I could practically see the station) I would probably harm her more then help her by moving.  I didn't see any injuries that I could do anything about and just stayed by her head in the street making sure she was calm, warm and staying still.  I did a quick visual check under the blankets to make sure she wasn't bleeding anywhere and when I lifted them up I saw the same type of skinny jeans and Chuck Taylors my daughter wears.  Karma.  That's when it really hit me that I was there and could make a difference with someones daughter.   A daughter like mine.  No, there isn't much I can do without my gear and stuff, but I could keep her safe until that stuff arrived.  I could intervene the best I could if she decompensated.  

AGAIN, I asked about who called 911.  The man who was kind enough to call came over and was asking a bunch of questions about the victim and I asked to talk to dispatch.  This is where I may or may not have been kind of a bitch.  I updated her to the victim's status and asked if EMS had been dispatched.  She stated that they had been dispatched once the call started. I told her it's been too long.  It doesn't sound rude when I type it out, but I was getting super nervous about kneeling in the middle of a busy road with a victim that had already been hit and the 5 or 6 people that were wandering around.  

Please people, if you are on a scene of an accident, don't wander around like some dumbass isn't going to hit you.  It happens all the time to people wearing reflective gear and that have flashing lights!

Shortly after that I heard the sirens and a half dozen men and some big trucks were around.  I introduced myself to the two medics and asked them how breakfast was.  I don't think they got the humor/irony.  I'm certainly not blaming them or the dispatcher for doing anything wrong.  I am forever grateful that they do what they do.  I am just saying that 8 minutes on my knees in the middle of a busy road as the sun is coming out is scary shit.   Maybe if the victim had been more injured it would have distracted me.  

Thankfully she was not and from what I could tell she is going to be ok.  She was very concerned that she missed her bus - saw it go by.  Luckily she will live to catch the bus another day.  

Once the two medics where there I asked them if they needed me, they stated no and I took off so I wouldn't be late for work.  As I drove away it dawned on me.....HEY - I didn't shit my pants!  That may seem like an easy thing to control but walking up on a victim that was hit by a car with the knowledge I have and knowing how little I can do almost makes me do a little panty poopy just thinking about it.  I was actually CALM!  It probably helped that she was awake, alert and cooperative but usually I get really amped up and my hands are shaking.  I wasn't this time.  Calm, clear thinking.  Wow, maybe all this flight nurse training is working!  

Let's hope that all my future scene stops are with Airmed and not me just driving by.  Yeah, that would be much better.  

I thought about this all day yesterday and knew that I wanted to post something but wasn't sure how.  It didn't shake me up too much, but it was a burst of adrenaline that scared me.  Of course I'm thankful for the health of my children and family and hope that if something unfortunate happens to them there is someone out there to assist.  

I really hope she is ok and also the woman that hit her.  She was so upset and distraught.  You could tell it was a total accident and the woman was a sweet young mother that was just running a quick errand.  She had a newborn at home so all the stress that goes along with that and with this accident I'm sure she is a royal hot mess!  I wish them both calm, peace and physical healing.   

Now my medic is rolling his eyes because I can't stop complaining about the 8 minutes.  Shift change, breakfast, hair and makeup - whatever!  Lets make it 6 minutes next time!

So be strong and stay out of the road!  If your running wear lots of reflective gear and run like every car is out to hit you!!  Salt Lake just lost a Jr. High teacher that was jogging to work from being hit by a car. 

Have you ever stopped at an accident?

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  1. Unfortunately, I've stopped at several. Sitting in traffic once a very stupid and drugged up motorcyclist decided it would be a good idea to drive about 70 mph in the bike lane to avoid the stopped traffic. What he didn't see was the car in front of me making a RIGHT turn! Collision was bad. He was thrown a long ways. I watched the entire thing happen. Having been trained with some basic ACLS skills, I did feel like I could at least offer some minor assistance. Thankfully, he was so amped up on whatever he was on, he didn't feel a thing. He bounced on the pavement and was up and walking, disoriented and pacing. We had the hardest time just trying to get him to lay down and be calm. Thankfully, EMS was right around the corner and was there in 2 minutes. That really gets your blood pumping and when I got back in my car to drive home, I was pretty shaken up. For some reason, I don't drive up on many accidents, I seem to see them happen. It's scary. I seen a roll-overs and someone drive off the side of the freeway down the embankment. It's crazy stuff out there.

    Glad you were there to offer your mad nursing skills all while keeping your panties clean and dry! You are totally awesome!

    Locally, our running community lost a runner about a month ago who was hit by a car. She did all the right stuff. Running facing traffic, reflectors and blinkies. The woman driver looked down and just didn't see her. Very sad.

    Glad I am now armed with all my reflective gear from Ragnar and if I run at dusk or early morning, I'm practically glowing!

    How are the feet doing?

    1. Just keeping the victim safe is about all you can do sometimes. The foot is being difficult, but I'm still working on it!

  2. Man, it's a good thing you were there. This might sound stupid, but last year a deer was hit about 25 yards in front of me while I was running. It freaked me out. All I could think about was "WOW ... that could've been me." Reflective gear is a must!

    1. No doubt! I rarely run at night because my schedule is just so weird I can usually get my runs in during the day. I'm always afraid every car is going to hit me!