Thursday, December 20, 2012

Needle here, needle there

No, I'm not picking up illicit drug use.
I finally had my nerve study done, an EMG or electromyography.  There were lots of zaps and a few (too many) needle pokes.  The needles are really small but they go all the way to the muscle and stay while they test your muscles.  

Here is the machine. 

It was about 45 minutes and at times uncomfortable but not unbearable.  

Great news!  I do not have any nerve impingement!  I may have some nerve irritation and my peroneal (a word that is uncomfortably close to perinium) nerve is somewhat weak.  The weakness is in both legs so more then likely it's just me. My muscles don't show any signs of nerve weakness.  I don't have the full report but it is encouraging!   

Stay strong my friend!!

Came home and wrapped all the presents and am officially ready for Christmas!

Happy Holidays!!

Blog on......................

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