Monday, January 7, 2013

Florida Keys Ragnar

Team, Everybody loves a Weiner!
First time I've flown to a Ragnar and ran with mostly strangers. It was awesome and I had a blast!

I even met a fellow blogger! Jennifer from Running moves me. How cool is that? She is super nice. More details to come with recap and the favorite, "overheard in the van" posts when I get home to a real computer.

Thank you so much to Paul & Angela. They did an awesome job organizing the team and really rocked at first time captains.


  1. I could not believe I stumbled upon you out of all those runners! So glad I did and happy you had such a great weekend, too!!

  2. I know! That was awesome! I was in shock, even though I was looking for you. I ran past your van once but I was running and hoping that I would see you.

  3. Looking forward to the race report!! I'm glad you had a good time.