Wednesday, January 30, 2013

National Ab Month

Apparently February is National Ab Month.  I've seen a couple of monthly challenges, one of them being over at Running Chronicles.  I decided to do it!  

But first, update on my back.

It is doing wonderfully!  This morning it was hardly even sore.  I've continued the ibuprofen and rest, which seemed to work.  The biggest contributor to my healing, in my opinion, was a wonderful 90 minute massage I had on Sunday.  

I have a membership with Massage Envy and I've been pretty vocal about how important I think massage is to health and wellness.  If you find a good therapist they are priced pretty affordable.  Much better then weeks of Physical Therapy.

I added on this little gem.

Deep Heat Therapy

Deep Muscle Therapy also includes:

Warming Towel Compression: To help relax muscles
Therapeutic warming ointment: To give you a warming sensation and your therapist the friction and glide necessary to work deeper into muscles.
Cooling Gel: This cooling gel releases tension, decreases pain, and invigorates your muscles.
I was lucky to get into a 90 minute and my therapist was insane he was so good!  Loosening up each muscle and keeping me informed as he went.  I get really freaked out when I get the front of my neck massaged and he was so good with me, even though he laughed a little at my "fear".  Haha  Best money I spent!
That brings me back to my abs.  
These are not my abs.  
Neither are these:
I know that abs are made in the kitchen with the foods you eat, but after having my fall I appreciate core work even more.  I'm sure that if I didn't work out I would have hurt something.  I have a great big bruise on my lower right back over the bony part of my pelvis.  I'd post a picture but first I'd have to have someone take it and you would see my butt crack.  I'm not ready to take our relationship to the next level, for now.  hehe
So basically the National Ab Month Challenge is to work the abs every day.  I can do it anywhere!  I plan to do lots of crunches, 100's and planks.  I'll be in Idaho on February 1st on my 13th annual Snowmobile Trip and I plan on getting my core on before we head out for the day.  Thank god I didn't hurt my back and have to cancel this trip too.  Of course, I'll continue to take ibuprofen and if I have to cut a day short then I will. 
I'll keep you posted on my progress.  Join along if you'd like.  We can slide into spring and swimsuits with a nice core and hopefully a tight tummy!!
What is your favorite ab workout?
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  1. Great to hear about your back!!
    ooooh, I had no idea it's national Ab's time to find mine, they've been lost for a while. ha!
    I like this idea though and will use it as motivation! Do pushups count as doing abs??(I feel it!) I've been planking and doing pushups everyday!

    1. I think they count! Anything that causes you to tighten your core. It's very self driven using isolation exercises, yoga, crunches or even side bends.

  2. Oh man, I sooooooo need to do this too. After breaking my back and just never being the same again, I'm really struggling with having both a weak core AND back. Are there any guidelines for what KIND of work to do every day?

    1. There really are no guidelines. From what I can research it started 9 years ago when a bunch of runners decided to do ab workout every day of February. I think planks are the safest for your back and you can hold them as long as you can. Whatever you feel works your abs. Just don't do anything that causes sharp pain. I thought I would start with things I am familiar with and maybe throw in some new stuff throughout the month.

  3. Woohoo..I am on a quest to fine tune my abs right now. You are totally right, your abs are mainly built in the kitchen. I love me a good plank session too. I usually try to do a circuit so I'm working front & sides. Burns like hell but it's soooo good!

  4. I go to Massage Envy as well and usually ask for a sports massage. No extra charge! :) I agree, soo important! I'm convinced it avoided some injuries.