Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gave up coffee....

Maybe I should have done it for lent.  The fact that I don't know much about lent shouldn't matter, it's participating in life!  

I didn't do it for lent.  I started reviewing the foods that I eat so that when I commit to my Whole30 days of clean eating I know where my weakness's are. One of them is coffee.  I love coffee, especially good coffee.  I love fancy coffee drinks too.  I found that I am spending too much money and calories on coffee. I don't like drinking my calories either.  

I found a delicious tea and I've been drinking it with a spoonful of coconut milk in it.  OMG, so good!  When I say coconut milk I mean the canned, very thick and delicious fatty kind.  After 3 days I realized I hadn't drank any coffee.  Well that was easy.

I definitely didn't mean to go 5 day without posting.  I love posting on my blog and had lots of great ideas!  I hate catching up with posts.  It's a love/hate relationship! This last weekend of work pretty much handed me my ass on a plate.  All three nights I worked I flew all night long.  I didn't get much sleep and by the time I got home yesterday I was so tired!  I slept 12 hours last night and I'm still tired!  

I love my job but over the weekend when I realized I would be spending the entire time up in Rock Springs because of the weather I was not happy.  I only have Daniel left at home (Sami moved out last week - I could do an entire post on that situation itself!) and the two dogs are here and I just worry.  A lot.  By the end of Saturday I was pretty much ready to look for another job.  Cut down my hours, something.  I was feeling pretty down.  I am sure that most people go through it with their jobs.  I have before and luckily I'm smart enough to not have any knee-jerk reactions because the next day was awesome!  

It was a beautiful day to fly!!
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Clear blue skies and tall mountains.  Fresh air and lots of sun!
I was excited to fly even though my medic left me in the back alone and flew "co-pilot"
Looking back it was a good idea.  By the end of our 24 hours o'hell there may have been a little snapping/yelling/swearing.  And not all by me! 
(not at all inappropriate...considering the situation)

That day we transferred a wonderful patient.  So sick and so sad.  Sometimes bad shit happens to good people.  She really touched my heart.  I wanted to scoop her up and tell her everything would be OK.  I did my best to make her comfortable and she and her family did more for me then they will ever know. They were so grateful and kind.  It was humbling and gave me a new excitement for what I do and what I was doing with my life.  Sure I had to make sacrifices to be a flight nurse and work away from home, but look what I can do.  I can make a difference that doesn't make everything better but puts a little flavor into a crap sammich.  

After we dropped her off I went to visit the patient from the night before.   A patient that was having a really bad week but that was grateful and kind.  Sometimes we get patients after a couple of doctors down the way have messed up or missed something. Makes me feel so good to get them where they can get some real help.  I follow up you doctors out there that are taking care of my patient, I'm watching you!!  Hahaha.  He was so happy to see me and was happy for his care.  

I was yet to do two more middle of the night transports (over the next 2 nights) and I was tested to the very limits of my patience and energy. But with the help of some great medics and kind doctors all went well.  I'm going to keep my job.   I am so grateful for those moments that make me re-evaluate and appreciate life, my family and my job. 

I even made some chicken breasts that were so delicious and had two Paleo/whole30 friendly meals!

I downloaded Nom Nom Paleo's recipe app.  Best food app ever!!  I love it!  The pictures are amazing and instructions simple.  You can put together a shopping list as you browse your recipes.  She even has a Whole30 section!

I also got a sneak preview of this book:

I really like it!  She gives pretty clear instructions on how to prep only once a week and have easy meals!  The key to eating clean is having something to eat when you are hungry that doesn't take a lot of preparation.  Lets face it, we are a busy people and sometimes hunger and desire to cook don't coincide.

Like I mentioned earlier my daughter moved out.  Perfect opportunity to clean out the cupboards!  She is starving and I need food out of here that I don't eat.  I did leave a few things for my son.  But I plan on cooking for him too!
Bye Bye food!

Ab Month!
Yes, I've been doing ab work.  Yes I missed another day.  Life can be such a pain, don't you think?  I do love working on the stability ball but I'm determined to ride this thing out.  I know if I was running more then I wouldn't be so cranky.  Speaking of running - it's time to GO!  I'm leaving in a week for Arizona for the Del Sol Ragnar!  I'll be running at least 4 times until then!  

Do you ever have days you could just quit your job?

Blog on.............


  1. Good luck with the no coffee! I actually don't like the taste of it at all..I use it for the perk-me-up benefits though (which work GREAT!). If I had to give up a weakness, it'd be chocolate..and I just caaaan't!

  2. I'm just trying to slowly prep my body for a month of Whole30. I love the taste of coffee...with creamer and delicious flavorings! haha.