Saturday, March 23, 2013

Done and done.

The surgery is done.  What a great day it was.  Lots of good (legally given) drugs were used and I'm Super OK with that!

I went to Cottonwood Surgery Center in Murray and they are awesome there.  They take what my insurance pays even though they are out of network.  Giving me the same discount as if I was in network.  

Here is the star of the show:
Dr. Preece

I promised him it wouldn't end up on Facebook!  I felt super comfortable in his care.

Signature on the leg.

Pain spots.  Marks so he can really pinpoint the most pain and scar tissue.

Look, I even painted my toes and shaved my legs.  Fancy.

It was weird being rolled into the OR and getting on the OR bed and my arms going out on the holders.  Then those magic words, "I just gave you something to relax you".  I don't remember one thing after that until they woke me up and I was feeling FINE!

First look at the boot

Daniel was a trooper and waited for me and came back after I was done.

Amber.  What a great nurse!  She took awesome care of me.

Ready to go with all my take-homes.

 Free gift to go!
I couldn't eat the crackers but the cup is cool and it came with some tea.

Healing begins.  Iced and elevated.

Made homemade almond milk last night and a big glass of it was perfect for an after surgery refresher.

New Jammies number ONE

The surgery center send me home with these handy little SCD type devices.  They are small but are designed to keep blood flow going and prevent Blood clots.  They were fine at first but they kinda pop and I would be falling asleep and then POP and it would scare me a little.

Handy little device!

While I was having surgery my shoes came!

I have been wearing my Mizuno's for about 3 months everyday and thought it would be good with the surgery to get some new shoes that are good and stable. I found these sweet Saucony's on clearance!  Boom!

So I spend the first 48 hours laying around and keeping my foot elevated.  Icing and medicating.  The only bad thing about Percocet is that I don't sleep well on them.  So far pain is well controlled with minimal meds. 

I'm even been able to stick with Whole30 thanks to Daniel and some pre-made delights.  I feel pretty good and have great hopes that this surgery will help me.  

Now, what do I do for the next few days?

Blog on..................

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