Monday, March 18, 2013

Food ala Whole30 or

Want to hear about my nut sack?  

Saturday I caught up on some cooking. 

First I started by soaking some almonds for almond milk.  It was an overnight process.

The coffee mate was pre Whole30.  I have no idea why I am keeping three bottles in the fridge.  

Getting all my stuff together.  I roasted a squash in the oven while I worked on other stuff.

I made more Sunshine Sauce and homemade Mayo.   The Mayo was giving me some trouble and I had to throw away my first batch and then I saw this video and followed her directions and BAM!  Easy. 

I saved the homemade almond milk for last and to tell you the truth I was pretty dang excited.

First I rinsed off the soaked almonds and put them in the blender.  Then I added "filtered" water.  All the recipes asked for filtered water and I figured my new fridge filters water.....tada!  

I added 2 dates, some cinnamon and vanilla and blended away with my trusty basic blender. No fancy schmancy blender needed.  I was a little worried. 

Then I poured it into my newly acquired nut sack (teeheehee) and I squeezed as much milk out that I could.

A closer look

I poured it into a Kerr jar and had enough to pour into an old juice jar I had. 

My review:   LOVE IT!! 
I never really bought almond milk to drink, but to use in smoothies and recipes.  This almond milk, I drank that smaller bottle within a couple of days.  I would walk by the fridge and shake it up and have a couple of big gulps.  So refreshing and delicious!

Fruits (or vegetables) of my labor.

After I was done I ate some leftover salmon, the squash and some veggies and no meal is complete without my favorite sunshine sauce!

Sunday when I got home from an uneventful rotor shift I threw together leftover chicken, squash some veggies and a hard boiled egg.  

It looks like the squash lasted but that is actually sweet potato.  Today I made some Spicy Tuna cakes and hard boiled eggs.  As long as I was making a sweet potato for the Tuna Cakes then I made them for dinner.

The 30 days is going fast and it's getting easier and easier.  I'm starting to have habits that will be easy to maintain after the 30 days.  Even my son mentioned tonight that he doesn't want the 30 days to end.  He likes the way eating healthy makes him feel.  

That is a win there!

Blog on...............

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