Friday, March 15, 2013

Half way? Already?

Can you believe it?   It's gone fast!  

This week, as I mentioned in my last post, I picked up 2 extra shifts in the ICU.  ICU work is a LOT different then flight nursing.  I'm basically on my feet the entire 12 hours and Wednesday I certainly got my butt handed to me.  Thursday was a little better because I was back on my game with charting, but I didn't go the day without learning more about being a nurse.  I really miss all the interactions I have when I go back.  

I managed to keep myself fed and fed well using Whole30.  I made steaks one night and had a leftover "Emergency Meat" with cabbage for lunch each day.  I feel that the energy I'm getting with this program really helped me get through those extra 24 hours of work.  

Today I didn't manage much but I did go to Trader Joe's after my Pilates class.  I needed to get some more cashews.  Someone finally got it right and now you can buy cashews and almonds that are dry roasted and salted.  No vegetable oil!  

Of course I picked up some dehydrated bananas that seriously are like a sugar cube!  I only had a couple and then hid them from everyone and myself.

Ingredients:  Bananas.

I also stopped by Whole Foods and picked up some Kombucha and a few things.  I checked out their bulk cashews and their dry roasted/salted are still more expensive then Trader Joes.

Organic HOT DOGS!  Hehehe.  
I also bought a couple of shrimp/veggie frozen dinners.  I'm trying to stay away from anything premixed but I'm exhausted and I'm sure my big prep day tomorrow will be a bit short.  I also bought some pecan and hazelnut encrusted salmon for dinner tonight.  It was delicious!

Along with some roasted brussel sprouts.  Yummy!

Earlier I made my own little mix for a snack.

Those are just dried bananas, not the candy I bought today.  After 2 days in the ICU I always have a day where I am just starving.  I'm sure I'm calorie deficient and certainly dehydrated.  I tried to drink lots of water today too.

Now, for my first Whole30 recipe tragedy.  
How can you go wrong with this? 

I'll tell you how.  Warm avocado is nasty and tasteless.  There isn't enough spice to help it either.  Maybe if I was a hot sauce person, but I'm not and I could hardly finish it.  Seems like a match made in heaven.  
Lesson learned.

Tomorrow I pick up my fruit/veggies coop basket and I plan to go to the farm that I get my organic meats.  I'll do some prep, but not an excessive amount. I have to work Sunday, maybe Monday and then Tuesday.  Friday is my little surgery.  ALREADY!  

Hoping for a little run tomorrow to warm up for the Virtual Jelly Bean race that I plan on running Thursday.  5K or 10K.  It hasn't been decided.  (Leaning towards 10K)

Good luck to the racers of the Canyonlands Half Marathon tomorrow.  One year ago today I was getting ready to run my very first Half.  Soon my half marathon friend, I'll come back to you......

Racing this weekend?

Blog on....................

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