Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Making Memories

That's what our team did all day today.  Not by choice of course, but what the heck, you make the most of what happens.  Right?

It's almost necessary to succeed as a Flight Nurse.  

We flew into a small town to pick up a patient and then our plane had a problem.  Another flight team took our patient and we (me and my medic) ended up hanging out with the pilot in this small town airport waiting for our mechanic.  We borrowed the airport car to go get some food.

Of course I had meticulously planned my meals and taken them with me to work, but I didn't have them on the plane.  I needed to find something to eat.  After driving down the main street (took about 3 minutes) I realized a grocery store will be my only hope.

It was a Buick LaSabre.  Word.
My medic is way too cool.

Organic Turkey, an orange and 2 hard boiled egg.
Actually pretty dang good and held me over until I could eat the food that I brought. 

I am very proud of staying on task.  It was a very hard day and I just wanted a snickers, alcoholic beverage and a silly movie.  

I ended up driving 6 hours myself, in a rental car for 2 hours, flying for 30 minutes and now I'm in bed chowing down a grapefruit.  My favorite treat!

Hungry Runner Girl mentioned the Documentary "Hungry for Change" on her blog this morning and I'm watching it.  It really is good so far!  Talking about how we move less and eat so much more sugar.  Read your food labels!!  

How do you cope with a stressful day?

Blog on........

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