Saturday, March 9, 2013

I did it!

Yesterday (3/8) I went up to Rock Springs in the morning for a 24 hour shift. I brought lots of good Whole30 food but I was nervous about the stress and if we flew would I get hungry.  All those concerns.  I am thrilled to report I made it through an awesome successful day even with a transport that lasted about 8 hours. 

It was a beautiful day to fly!

I find myself staring out at the clouds.  They look so soft and there is so many beautiful sites from up in the sky!  

Home for about 20 hours, I did some cooking and repacking for 2 more days up in Wyoming.  I decided that since I made it to day 9 without any major breakdowns that I would treat myself to a whole lot of yummy.

Raspberries, banana, coconut milk, cashews and unsweetened coconut flakes. So delicious!  I can't believe how sweet that fruit is, it's amazing!

For lunch I warmed up the Spicy Tuna cakes I made and had it with salad.  The Spicy Tuna cakes hold up really well in the fridge for a few days and I warmed them up stove top in some ghee. 

I was so hungry I took a few bites before picture.  oops.

Dinner was a bust.  I don't know how to cook Kale to make it taste good.  I have tried a couple of different ways and so far no bueno.  I sliced up the steak I made two days ago and cooked it with slivered almonds and then added Kale and some spices.

I just ate the steak.  It was good!

I am really pleased with the way I feel and how easy this has been.  I would still like to cut down on eating nuts, but I think my fruit intake overall has been controlled. (Minus my 9 day celebratory dessert)


I'm taking my running shoes up to work.  If it's bad weather then I'll go try out this new gym around the corner.  Remember the Jelly Bean Race?  It's a virtual race I signed up for way before considering the Tenex procedure I'm getting.  Well, I didn't forget.  Today I got the medal and I'll show it to you after I do the race.  I haven't decided on a 5K or 10K, but I scheduled the procedure on the 22nd thinking I could race on the 20th.  It's just a fun one, but I want to do it since it's the first one I signed up for and I try to follow through on my commitments, however small.  

Speaking of commitments, I'm planning my follow up post about Ab Month soon.  Ab Month kinda fell right into Whole30 month and posting when I'm working is so difficult.  I haven't forgot!  

I love stalking all the running blogs and reading about all the races everyone is getting ready for! It's really getting me excited and I'm hoping I'll be running more regularly by June 1st! 

Kale help!  Anyone?

How do you feel about commitments?  Even little ones?

What is your favorite "I can't run" backup exercise?

Blog on.............

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  1. Good job on your Whole30 challenge. I got the book "Paleo Power Lunch" and maybe this helps to eat a little healthier :)