Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I take a lot of pics.

Thank goodness, sometimes it's like a diary.

I posted these pictures so I could blog about them on 10/24.  It's been a weird and busy few weeks.  Since I can't elaborate at this time, here is some pics of things happening a couple of weeks ago!

Serious cuteness.  Family parties aren't the same without those little nieces and nephews.  

Jakes girlfriend Emily getting a shot at the birthday quarters.  
Nothing like car wash money for a year!   Thanks Dad!

My oldest brother teaching my youngest nephew about this old string pull top.  Charlie LOVED it! 

Lisette looking for some coin to wash her wheels. 
Denied by dad.
That's OK, she'll watch football.
Bam!  Talk about some good genes!

Good run to check out the hip.  Easy couple of laps around Sugarhouse Park.  Hip feels good!

I have no idea why these small hills kill me. It was a beautiful day and it's a beautiful park.

Way too many ducks.  Fat ducks.  Bringing kids to feed the ducks doesn't always turn out like the movies.  

work.  natch.  Lots of it.  Lots of interesting flights.  
Keeps me thinking about the things I should be grateful for.

Back to Paleo and I have been feeling great.  I took a few days off around Halloween - more about that later - but it always helps to look up new and fun recipes to keep me motivated.

Cooking with plantains.  Who knew?  I knew there was a difference and now I know for sure.  They are bigger! 

I made this twice.  Once with a regular banana and once with a plantain.  I'm not sure which one I like best.  The banana one was moister (that is a horrible word, if a word at all) but the plantain one was almost like bread and I could put almond butter on it.

I also made an amazing pulled pork Hawaiian salad.  It's HEAVEN!
Ted wasn't interested AT ALL.  Guess the delicious veggies out smelled the pulled pork. I've actually never really liked pulled pork but I found one in the bottom of the freezer.  I had a recipe that my pilots make with Dr. Pepper in it.  I didn't have Dr. Pepper so I threw in Fresca with a can of Fire roasted tomatoes.  BEST ever!!

Complimentary messy room pic!! 

Life doesn't change much and then it does. 

I have gone to my physical therapist and my massage therapist and had them work on my hip.  My left hip is weaker and doesn't stay as stable when I run causing me pain.  My PT changed up my exercises and "grastoned" my hip/thigh and my MT really worked the muscles.  I'm bruised.  But the hip feels good.  The good news is that my form is doing wonderfully!  There are going to be some hiccups in a new form and things that will change as I go from running in pain to running correctly.  Totally worth it!

Tomorrow we leave for the LAS VEGAS RAGNAR!
I'm runner 8 and I'm ready for it!  Hopefully it's not nearly as freezing as last year but I know it will be a good time.  

Anyone running the Vegas Ragnar??

Blog on................


  1. I love that you tried the ginormous shit muffin thing! I really wish you'd posted a photo so we could see if it HAS to look like a dollop of shit is on top. I say we put your left hip and my right hip into a timeout together...maybe between the two of us, we could have a healthy and happy pelvis!

    1. i can't lie. It's pretty good! I blame our children for ruining our hips. Because children and childbirth is a game changer.