Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Getting serious

I've agreed to do an Ultra Relay.  

That is crazy!  But I'm very excited to do it.  We are running the Del Sol Ragnar Relay as an Ultra team.  If you've read some of my Ragnar posts you will recognize these names:



Those are the suckers running with me.  We are a Masters Ultra.  All of us are over 40..and most of us are 50 and older.  

That is the subject that sparks this blog post today.  

Who doesn't want to blog in the air conditioned house instead of yard work or even house work!  I don't get much chance to blog anyway (obviously) so I don't feel too bad. I'm hoping that having a new laptop that I can actually take out of the office and put on my lap will help me do the things I love to do, like blogging.  

The last week or so I've been reading everything I can find on the internet about running/training for a relay ultra.  I've asked a few people that do any long distance racing (bike, tri's, running) about their fuel and training.  I have less then SEVEN months to prepare.  

I really feel like part of getting through this as a much stronger runner is going to take at least a few changes.

Staying hydrated - I have no problem drinking water.  I do need to make sure i'm increasing my intake a couple of days before a long run.  Here is a pee chart!  Of course I've spend the last 2 days running to the bathroom a lot!  The body will get use to the increase in H2O.

Fueling - both the few days before a long run and during the long training runs.  The longest I have ran is 15 miles.  I usually use Honey Stinger gels.  The consistency is a little more palatable and they are delicious. 

It could be true.  I can't prove its not.  

I have found lots of different information.  As usual fueling is very subjective and each runner has their own formula that works for them.  My brother needs a LOT of carbs and has to have multiple gels and lots of water every hour plus real food when he's running ultras. (he's 6'7" and gets down to 9% body fat) He doesn't have any supplement drinks just electrolytes and salt tabs.  My friend Jason that does Triathlons uses a couple of supplement drinks for when he's going long distances.  

I want something in the middle.  I'd like to have a post workout supplement after long runs.  I do use protein powder for my smoothies in the morning with flax seed powder and chia seeds.  I am also a firm believer in real food for fuel.  I don't eat bread or pasta but having a banana and some almond butter gives me plenty of carbs and protein!

My new favorite mid trail run snack.  After 5 miles I stop for a minute and have a delicious bread less sandwich.  

Increase my mileage - seems simple enough.  Only 10% a week.  I downloaded a marathon plan that ends about the time I run Las Vegas Ragnar.  I plan on splitting every other long run into 2 runs that day.  That will put me 3 months to the Ultra. 

Shoes - Ok, this isn't a huge issue.  I have 2 new pairs of shoes that have only been in the rotation for about 6 weeks.  
Brooks Ravena 4 (mens)
Love them!

New Balance 1260v3
Love them MORE!

I ran in my New Balance for the Hobbler Half last Saturday.  I put in my Sole inserts and it was some cushy running!!
I really like these inserts.  I get them at REI and replace them about every 500 miles.  I have a pair for work, for play and for running.

What I think I need (right...) is Hoka's.  I want to try that cloud soft puffy sole.  I bet that will protect my feet from any foot pain or damage.  It's on my wish list.  Maybe another OT shift.....

 Education - I'll keep asking questions and doing my research.  I know some pretty bad ass runners!!

Core workouts -  As much as I love Pilates Reformer I just couldn't find the time to go enough to make it worth the money I was spending.  So I put together core exercises and added all the PT exercises that my favorite running clinic gave me.  I'm also reading articles and adding where I might be weak.  I split it up in an A day and a B day.  My goal is to work on it every day.  It doesn't take long and after the first day I really felt it.  Strong legs and a strong core are going to prevent me from getting hurt.

Diary - This is the hardest.  Simple enough?  I have the worst time keeping track of anything!  As much as I love running it's a struggle just to keep track of the miles I put on each shoe.  Plus I have an app on my iphone for it.  Seriously need to pull it together on this one!  It's important to know what sort of foods and workouts are beneficial and what is hurting.  

Not sure that is what I had in mind...

There we go!

(why do funny memes make me laugh so hard?)

I wish I could get this excited about anything else.  Like organizing my house. Yeah right.  Running is so fulfilling and has literally saved me from losing my shit.  I'm more then excited that my foot has healed.  It's been over a year since my TENEX surgery and I took it nice and slow the first year and now I'm ready to up my game.  Slowly at first.  Avoiding injury.  Working on the core.  Breaking some PR's.

After the Ultra...a Marathon!!!  

Any advice?

How do you fuel for those super long runs?

Blog on.................


  1. You are my hero! I would love to see what you find along the way, that ends up working for you!

  2. Never been on a Ragnar team (yet) let alone an Ultra team, but I was thinking about the shoe rotation the other day. I was considering using a permanent marker to write in very tiny script the number of miles I ran in each pair on the heel. Not sure if it would work, but I have three of the same pair of shoes that I'm rotating through right now, so I was trying to come up with a way to keep track of the mileage on each, too. You'll do great, I'm sure! Good job staying injury-free this whole time! (Um...knock on wood)

  3. I've found getting adequate protein helps more than anything. This is in general and during a relay. The couple of times I've done a distance relay, I ate more protein-y than the other people in the van. Everyone had tummy issues but me. My energy never flagged. My hip was the only limiting factor.

  4. That is amazing and I have no doubt, you can total do this!! Go for it!!