Friday, July 4, 2014

Wasatch Back Ragnar

Not a complete post.  And with my luck there will never be one.  I'm lazy, kinda.  But I was tired of pulling up my blog to read my blog friends and seeing my sad 50 year old face.  ;)

This year for Wasatch Back Ragnar we put together a work team from AirMed.  It was awesome.  I got to know some people really really well!  They were the best ever and everyone was involved with everyone that was running!  We had Flight coordinators, flight nurses, flight medics, friends, family and a helicopter mechanic.  We were set.  We were the van you wanted to drive by if you got hurt.  Well, not really.  Unless you were REALLY hurt.  If you were just sorta hurt we would have told you to rub dirt in it.  Except Joe.  He's the one from our van with the highest moral value.  Hahaha

Joe, Roxanne, Ron, Marcie (Captain!), Jay, Kari, Brandon, Eric
Emmaline, Erica, Deb and me.  

My last run!  I can't remember the girls name that ran in with me, but if it wasn't for her that last mile would have sucked.  It was a 9.8 miler that was a steep downhill, with steep uphills and a steep trail downhill with rocks.  Pretty much a deal breaker for me.  So sick of hills.  PTSD from Top of Zion Relay.  Although if I can run the Top of Zion Relay......I can do/run/say ANYTHING!

Next race
Hobbler Half in a week
Guess who's not really ready for that? 

Blog on...........

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  1. Congrats! Having lived in Logan for two years I know how gorgeous this race most be! Of course living at only about 500 feet since, I would die at that altitude these days so I'll stick to Ragnar DC! September will be my first Ragnar and I can't wait!