Friday, August 8, 2014

Didn't want to run......really didn't want to run.

I'm sure this happens to every runner.  Today I just did not want to run.  I've been doing quite well with my training but throw in a night shift in the ICU and the last few days have been...crappy.

I worked Wednesday night in the ICU.   When I got home I slept until 1pm then went back to bed around 5:30 to just chill and I fell SOUND asleep.  You know that kind of sleep where you slightly wake up enough to realize you are still in your clothes and need to brush your teeth but you can't wake up.  At 11pm I woke up.  Seriously?  Finally slept at 3am.  My night shifts don't always affect me this way but sometimes I feel like a slug.  

I set my alarm and made it out by 11am.  Luckily it was cooler today and I didn't die in the heat.  I did get my 4 miles easy in.  

4 miles in 43:20
average 10:49 min/miles

HR average 141

I was sure glad to get it done!  Of course my selfie is in my garage...after I grabbed my glasses from my car.

Here is what happened from my last run posted to todays run. 

4 miles slow. 
Got up late. Felt kinda crappy, but got it done!
4 miles at 11:13 min miles

Suppose to run 10 miles.  Had to run after a 24 hour shift in Ogden.  Headed up to Millcreek and really struggled on the hills.  Gave it up at 8 miles.

7.95 miles in 2:09:43
16:19 min/miles (lots of hiking/climbing) with average HR 138 bmp

This trail run was so crappy.  At mile 2 my stomach started hurting and I felt like my heart was racing.  Then when I checked my Garmin after I quit is wasn't as bad as it felt.  

I'm dying inside and my tummy hurts.

At least it was pretty.  I'm going to tap that trail again. 

6 slow miles on Jordan Valley parkway with Deb and Katie
average 13:24 min/mile
average HR 131
core exercises

An amazing run with friends.  I don't care if its slow.  I was only suppose to run 4 miles and I ran 6.  Worked out awesome!

We were running then slowing down to a walk to take a pic.  Don't be afraid if you see us, we really can save your life.  Especially if we have our shtuff and our fast ambulance.

5 Miles 
1 mile slow, 3 miles fast and 1 mile slow
HR average 152

mile 1 11:23
mile 2 9:57
mile 3 10:19
mile 4 10:38
mile 5 13:01 – lots of walking
HR higher then usual

I went running on the Rail Trail after my night shift at our Park City base.  I felt awesome until about mile 3.  I went a little too fast on my first speed mile and  a little to slow on my last speed mile.  My last slow mile included a lot of walking.  My HR average was much higher so I know I did give it a good try.  

I actually wore my TRAIL shoes on a TRAIL!

I also saw one small snake.  It wasn't moving but it startled me!

Day 2 in pink shirt.  Am I the only one that tries to wear my running clothes twice before I wash them?  I let them dry and don't do it if they are really stinky.  I want them to last a long time.  I've spent way too much money on them.

Long run day on Saturday!  Yeah!  I'm having my usual piraformis pain but it feels like it is running clear down my leg.  I get relief with foam rolling but tonight I'm going to ice my shin and knee and make sure I'm taking regular ibuprofen.  I'm watching it closely and may have to take a couple of runs off next week.  I'll run slow tomorrow and wear compression sleeves.  

Hopefully a running buddy or two will be able to join me.  Seems like they are all working tonight and it depends on how busy they are.  At least as flight nurses we can sleep if we don't fly!!!

Do you watch your HR while you run?

How many times do you try to wear your workout clothes in-between washes?

Blog on..........

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  1. Good job on still getting your runs in. I don't run with HR, mine is all over the place. I rather run by feel.