Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A picture recap. Del Sol Relay.

That picture I posted of those toes are really gross.  Every time I see it I want to pop all the blisters.  And it makes me a little nauseated.  SO it has forced me to write another post.  

Spending some time at the SL Hangar for work so until we get a fixed wing call I'll do a little rambling.  

I didn't take very many

Stayed at Heathers house.  It's huge!  I got some serious steps going from my room to the kitchen.  She also has 3 dogs. 

And they are awesome!

The Van/Night before

We removed one seat out of the FishBowl and it was perfect!  

Love these guys!

Showing them how to do a selfie with a nice camera

John and Jeffrey hanging out while John hooks the van up


The Young and the Rest of Us

 Race Start
Beautiful morning


Jeffrey may or may not have been in the crapper when the rest of the 7am's left.  Better late then never!!

My arms look cool in this selfie.  I was using my new camera I bought for Bali

Happy to be running!!  teehee
John and I

After sending John off for the last leg.
We are all done!  Well, except for John.

Another selfie.  Just to bug the boys and show off the awesome headband that Heather let me borrow.  It was a lifesaver

Dang it's night.  

Now its day!!  I think this is before Ken's run or after.  I don't know.  I think he's hopped up on the GU.

The Fishtanks
"We are in the white van over here"
Never gets old.

John and I
Waiting for someone

Steps I took that day......BAM

 The MEDAL!!

As soon as we share all our pics I'll post some team pics.  It was a great time and I've already started planning for my marathon.  I have a lot of ideas and plans to increase my miles and speed. (Thanks Heather!)  I think the last two years of stress have really taken a hit on my body.  I'm feeling so much better I think it's time to start fueling my body better and improving my training.  

AKA.....I'm going to do my best!!

Marathon 5/16/2015

Any training help would be most appreciated!!

Blog on.........


  1. Love all the pictures! You look so happy!!

  2. "We are in the white van over here" Yep, never gets old! Can't wait for my next Ragnar - Trail Appalachians in WV in June.