Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Quit Marathon Training.....almost

I am training for a marathon.  Surprise!  The bad news is that I haven't felt very good about it.  The ultra left me feeling pretty down and super bloated.  Luckily I have some great pals that have given me the "you can do it!" and I have continued to train.  

Last week I didn't feel good.  My body couldn't commit to the flu but my stomach hurt and I felt dizzy.  SO I missed a couple of runs and the run I did do was FAN-CRAPPY!  

Then I did my long run on Monday.  The thing about my long runs is that the entire time I'm planning them, laying out my clothes, charging my gear and getting my fuel I am in total denial of going on the actual run.  On my 18 miler 2 weeks ago I was pretty sure I wasn't going to do it up to about mile 15.  Some sort of trickery so I don't give it any REAL thought.  I can't deny my fear of the marathon and up until Sunday I was sure I wasn't going to be able to finish it.  

Let's get to the down and dirty.  

My long run Monday was fan-effing-tastic! 

I planned a course that included some uphill at the beginning then downhill for most of the rest.  I'm running the Ogden marathon and the course is mostly downhill.  

Ogden marathon elevation charts.  The top one is from the website.  Pretty lame.  The bottom one is from my MapMyRun route that I added, hoping it's pretty close to the real route.  Mile 17-22 looks a little sketchy with all those little bumps.  

Long run
Recap or picture share.

The first 7 miles of hills was a little tough.  Some of the hills are really steep.  

Here is the route.  I had my son meet me at where mile 13 would be and I left my car there with fuel and more water.  Then he drove me to the other side of the mountain to start by Mountain Dell golf course.  

Thanks Daniel!!

I started out pretty smooth.  Realized I didn't have my HR monitor.  After a brief panic attack I decided I was actually enjoying the freedom of not having a double chest squeeze.

Sweet Jebus!  It's a miracle.  A clean bathroom that was OPEN at mile 3.5.  Fact:  In Utah a lot of bathrooms are closed from Labor day to Memorial day because of the winter, I would guess.  I'm finding that more of them are opening earlier.  I almost peed my pants.  I guess I hydrated well.    Yes those are shoes in the picture.  Someone lost their slides.

It was a shoe-a-palooza for the first 4 miles.  The poor lone shoe at the start.  Then in the same parking lot 2 pairs.  Abandoned.  Shoe abuse I tell you.  

The miracle bathroom was here.  In Bear country.  Awesome.  I then proceeded to run down the road that was gated off to cars and I was alone.  Thank goodness it was only about a mile and then I turned around.  Great running area....scary to be so remote.  I didn't even think about bears until I saw the sign!

At the very top of the hill is some great views!!!  I fueled a little here and used the bathroom there.  I do love this view.  I always get a kick out of the historical marker that says "The Road to Zion".  I have no idea why it amuses me but I don't question a giggle.

From a little over mile 7 to mile 13 it was a nice downhill.  It wasn't so steep that I felt out of control but just felt NICE.  I ran according to effort and tried to keep it easy so I'd have enough energy to finish the run.  

Sitting on my car snacking.  I drank an electrolyte drink and ate part of a Picky Bar and one of those blended fruit baby foods.  (perfect fuel!)  I also refilled my water bottles and took off!

At miles 14.5 my friend Missy pulled over and I got a hug and a little run with her!!!  It meant so much to me.  She had been texted me good vibes and it really helped!  Thanks Missy!  Your teaching me to be a good runner friend!
Didn't get a pic.  Bummer.

Bathroom again at mile 15

Rotary Park.  Just east of the zoo.  I love this park.  Clean bathroom and a little hand wash station.  

Oops.  Heehee.
I didn't read the sign.

From mile 15 to 20 I zigzagged my way downhill to Liberty Park.  I planned a stop at my favorite gas station that I use for long runs.  I don't always stop but I like to run past places I can get water or use the bathroom.  I stopped a few times to take pictures of houses.  I'm looking for paint ideas that goes with red brick.  

The last 5 miles were pretty good but I was tired.  At mile 17 I was starving.  I'm not sure how I'm going to fix that during the marathon.  It wasn't like I felt that I needed energy I was just HUNGRY.  I could have stopped and had a full meal.  By mile 18 I was pretty much on the down hill homestretch.  Mile 19 my knee started to twinge and my feet were sore.  I was so happy to be done that I didn't take any more pics.  

My son picked me up at the park and took me back to my car.  

Cool, I wasted almost a full 45 minutes with picture stops, food and bathrooms.

Overall I was thrilled with the run!  I wasn't watching my pace too much but running by effort. I was also running on tired legs.  I had done speed work with heavy weights on Saturday.   When I saw that it was just over 11 min/miles and I still felt ok it FINALLY gave me hope that I can finish a Marathon without walking half of it or dying.  

I refuse to back out of this Marathon.  I'm still nervous about it and that's OK.  I remember my first race - a 10K - I was almost in tears I was so nervous.  A couple of things I need to work through.  

Fuel.  I took some Clif GU because that is what they are offering on the course.  I didn't even use it.  I was too nervous that I would get sick.  Yeah, brilliant I know.  I know I can't carry the usual fuel so I've got to figure that out.  

Bathroom.  I usually don't need to use the potty during a race.  I'm assuming I'll need to use it at least once but hoping that not more then that.  

Outfit.  Well duh.  

Any and all recommendations and advice is wanted.   


  1. The bear sign would have freaked me out!

  2. I'm so amazed by you and your dedication! You've got this in the bag! I finally learned that I need to stay away from Gatorade because it gives me the trots! So, I only sip one or two sips. I carry GU with me. I'll be at the half way spot, waiting for my hand off! So, I'll be there watching for you!!!!

  3. I'm so amazed by you and your dedication! You've got this in the bag! I finally learned that I need to stay away from Gatorade because it gives me the trots! So, I only sip one or two sips. I carry GU with me. I'll be at the half way spot, waiting for my hand off! So, I'll be there watching for you!!!!

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  5. Well done Kathee! It was fun to see you out there. FYI--I've never seen a bear there. I'm more afraid of the moose! You're gonna rock the O-town marathon!

  6. KAthee! you kick ASS and take names. Sheeeee-it! want your pace. Looking good. Even with all thos bathroom breaks. I rival you i that for sho!!! you got this and are gonna be lookin HAWT while doin it. great job.

  7. Beautiful places to run. I think that the humans are more dangerous than bears.
    During my marathons I used to drink only water and only one "pit-stop" was permitted (planned at the 30th mark more or less).