Monday, January 19, 2009


I love to blog surf. I go to friends blogs, click on their friends and read other blogs. I don’t do it to stalk or to be in any way unfriendly, I just find it fun and interesting to see what people are doing and how daily life is for other people. Sometimes I go to Google blog spot search and find blogs about certain issues or topics. A few of my favorite sorts of blogs are those about people that have been in an ICU and the family or the patient themselves blog about the experience. It is nice to have the perspective of a patient and what is most important to them.

So, today I am checking my blog, thinking if there is anything to update or write about and I decide to check out my friends blogs and some of their friends blogs…it’s a killer time waster! Some blogs I have read before and enjoy updating myself, even if I’ve never met them. There is one particular blog I was reading that I really enjoyed. Mostly because it was a couple on their second marriage with lots of kids and they were really happy and did lots of family stuff together. Today I passed by and there was a short note - they are getting a divorce. WHAT?? WHY?? HOW??? How could this possibly happen to this wonderful happy family? Was it the economy? All the kids? Another person? I wanted to know what caused it so I can avoid that. I was tempted to call my friend whose link I found this blog but decided she would think I am crazy. Then, I wanted to go into Matt’s office and tell him that we can’t get a divorce EVER, even though we aren’t married yet.
But, after I had some time with the laundry I had time to think about it. I decided that I wouldn’t freak Matt out with my random panics and that really, how much is a blog about the sad/crazy/aggravating things in our lives. As far as blogging is concerned it is like a special place for us to update the world on the great things happening. I am absolutely OK with this. I think of my blog as a scrapbook. A place to put our stuff that is spectacular to me and my family, with pictures and thoughts. Plus, I never have to glue, cut or stamp. It is the full extension of my creativity. If family and friends or even surfers want to read about me and my brood, go right ahead. When I look back on these times, I really just want to think about the good - because the bad is never so bad that it needs to be noted. If something does happen that needs to be noted, it will be.

I have religiously followed a blog about a family back east that lost their baby just before her due date. The pain, frustration and struggles they are going through are so sad and I hope that as time goes on they will find peace. It is part of my continuous curiosity of people, struggles and coping. I think I get it from my job as I watch each family come through and the different ways that each one copes. We can almost pinpoint a family or family member that is going to break down, stop taking care of themselves and suddenly go crazy on the staff because they have no other outlet for their grief and frustration.

So, blog on fellow bloggers!! Just another step in technology that continues to make the world smaller.

PS: I like to write my blogs on Works Word processor first and then cut and paste - well, to my dismay, Microsoft office does not recognize the words: Blog, Blogs or Bloggers. Shame Shame. Keep up Mr. Gates!!

I will end with a cute pic of PUD! He is on the move!!

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  1. You're so funny with your blog surfing. No, I wouldn't think you were crazy for calling. You and Matt are so happy together, I'm not worried!