Wednesday, January 28, 2009


For about 8 years, my friends and I have traveled up to Island Park, to my families cabin, to snowmobile. Over the years we have bought all our own helmets and "stuff" and constantly are finding ways to perfect the experience. Mostly it is my best friend Gary, and for the last few years Loreen, Kelly and Matt have joined us. The first couple of days Gary and I go up and drive far and fast (because we love to) then the others come up on Thursday and we sled together all day until Monday or Tuesday. This year I did a little journal that covered each day. I will include a pic of something from that day before each entry. ENJOY!!

Gary had the sleds ready to go and we are both PSYCHED to get started!!

Two top on a clear day!! You can see forever!

Wednesday January 21, 2009

Today was a wonderful day!! Despite the fact that I didn’t get to sleep until 4am, the stresses that kept me awake were soon vanishing on the trails.
Gary and I went to the gas station and licensed all the snowmobiles and then headed to the Post Office to pay the post office box and grab the mail. After that we had to come back to the cabin to get my sweatshirt and a different pair of goggles. Apparently the cool ones I bought up at Brighton are really cool ski goggles, but fall very short in the snowmobile goggles. It was like a tsunami around my eyes. My eyes were the coldest thing on me.
After that we headed to Two Top and were blessed with an awesome clear day and packed smooth trails. Spent a few minutes up by the “Butt Hut”, took some pics and then headed down. It was very windy, as usual.
We then went to West Yellowstone and had a lazy lunch at our favorite pizza joint. Then headed back, took a couple of off trail roads, got back to the cabin and decided to take one more loop by Macks around to Elk Creek and then back home again. All the while the sun was shining and then setting!! Great times. I’m hoping to get some memories down this trip since I have my lap top and a little time. I can pick Gary’s brain a little too.

Hot Beverage on our 100 miles fun run with hardly a stop!!

Today was a great day!! We got out late, but took the trails south through black canyon and up to West - over to stamp meadows and ended at Ponds for a late lunch at 4pm after 100 miles of sledding. I was pretty tired, and very very hungry. The total mileage for this trip so far is 199.2 miles. After delicious tots at Ponds, we headed back to the cabin to wait for Matt, Loreen and Kelly. I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to have such a long day. Although it snowed the whole day, it was great!

Gary is saying, "over there" and look at my favorite sled with the clouds behind!!

Two top after the clouds rolled over

Matt and I and a little Cinnamon Schnapps at Mesa Falls

Gary and Loreen at Mesa Falls

Warm River Springs

Matt and I showing off our helmets and goggles. We had absolutely no problems with the goggles fogging up!! Plus we look Mucho Grande COOL!

Last night Matt, Loreen and Kelly made it up at around 8pm. We hung out, watched some news and went to bed. This morning we got up around 8 and were out on the trails by 830-900. We planned a great trip to Mesa Falls using some trails that were freshly groomed, but they were trails we hadn’t been on much. We took Black Canyon to Upper Fish creek, then across Bakers Draw to Warm river springs. We took Warm river springs to see Warm river springs and then went to Mesa Falls. The weather was overcast, but calm and warm. A blast of sun once in awhile, but the trails were fabulous!! After Mesa Falls we took the Mesa Falls trail back to Last Chance, filled up the sleds and then went to Ponds for delicious grilled cheese and tots.

While we were in Ponds, the sun came out!! The skies looked great and so we headed off to Two top, via Elk creek, big springs and then up. We made it ALMOST to the top and then the clouds started rolling in. By the time we made it to the "Butt Hut", we could still see the sun, but it covered in some clouds. When we headed back down the hill the clouds had socked in the mountain and we couldn’t see 15 feet in front of us. After a treacherous ride down from the Butt Hut we headed down the trail and were out of the clouds pretty quick. We had a stop at Big Springs to check out the ducks and were back at the cabin just about the time it was dark. Our total mileage is around 320 and today’s mileage was about 120. We are definitely a tired bunch, but happy! No sled issues at ALL!!

Lunch at Meadowcreek

The group at Breakfast, my body warmers stuck to my feet & FIRE!!


I didn’t write yesterday. Oh well.

Yesterday we went to Elk Creek to gas up and then took the trail over to Stamp Meadows and up Sawtelle. We then went around Meadow Creek and had lunch at the Meadow Creek Cabin or whatever it’s called. Of course the food took 90 minutes to get there, but at least we got there in time to get a table. We had a couple of drinks, had a delicious meal then headed home. Not far - about 50 miles.

Today started out OK. We took off to go to West Yellowstone to have breakfast at the Running Bear CafĂ©. It was a little windy along the straight aways on our way to Big Springs, but not too bad once we got going up the mountains on the trails. After a delicious breakfast we headed off. We were going to go around back to the cabin via Sawtelle and Stamp Meadows. We didn’t even get as far as Sawtelle and we hit the most freezing unbelievable blinding wind you could imagine. It started to get really bad the farther sound we went along Route 20. Gary had to lead and we had to go around 20 mph or less. Kelly and Loreen were having problems with their goggles and face shield, they kept freezing and they couldn't see. Plus the cold was pretty intense. We worked our way along and FINALLY got to the cabin and that was it. The end of the sledding. It was just too cold to do anything. My and Gary’s total mileage was 441. We warmed up a little and then went to top off the gas tanks and put them back in the garage. We topped off the oil, locked up the garage and headed into the cabin for an evening of relaxation and warmth. We even lit a fire - which we haven’t done in years because we don’t like cleaning it up. It was just too cold to not do it this time.

It was a great trip and I sure love being with all of my friends and of course, my hottie!!

Most of you know that I am always cold. is a list of the things I wear on the sleds to keep me toasty and happy.

3-2 thin black ones
1 thick wool ones
plus I always put "toasty toes" in my boots.

Hot Fingers thermals
Fleece pants
Running pants
Snowmobile pants

Sports Bra (very very important)
Underarmour cold turtleneck
Hot fingers thermals
2 half zip fleece
1 thick old navy fleece
Burton Gortex Coat

Three kinds of gloves
Warm ones
Light ones
Cotton ones - for under the warm ones or for using when we are stopped to snack or something.

I am still looking out to buy me one of those warming vests and socks that are battery powered....dreamy!!!

Thanks to Gary for being my great friend for so many years!! We have had many trips together sledding with many different folks and lots of experiences!!
BIG props to Loreen, Kelly and Matt, we had a wonderful trip this year and I can't wait for next year!!

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  1. Your pictures are so KILLING me! They make me homesick~ I so miss the blue clear skies of ID and MT! I can't wait to go up in FEB~ Love the RUNNING BEAR~ Man, I am homesick....