Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Duchesne JUNE trip!

The first of June, on the 7th, Matt and I headed up to Duchesne to spend some time with his family. Nate and Rani were going to be there and we like going up to visit. It gives us time to be together, alone, also. I do sleep a lot on the trip, but we hold hands and stuff!!
On the way, we stopped at Strawberry to drop off the boat trailer and visit our boat.

Matt on the way down with Ted. The boat in it's slip.

Self portrait. COLD!! Ted, looking at dry land.

He wasn't too thrilled about being in the boat.
We will get him use to it. We just need to get him a life jacket.

The weather has been SO crappy!!! It was freezing.
Glad I had my honey to snuggle up to.

Ted watching Matt fix the tie up.
Can you hear me in the background??
I am saying, "Your not doing the over-under thingy!"
(Yeah, he loves me)

Those may be wine boxes, but they are full of fishing stuff!!!
It even gets me excited to go fishing.
This is in the hull of the boat.

If you look closely, you can see me taking a picture in the mirror.
So creative.

When we arrived in Duchesne, we realized it was a "watch the Rydmans" work trip.
Nate, Rani and Al were putting in a back yard with grass and plants.

Working hard, looking GOOD!

Susan made us a DELICIOUS grilled lunch!! Uncle David and Aunt Nancy joined us.

There was plenty of "administrative" work, watching.
The dogs (Rosie and Ted) ran off and I walked after them.
We visited Chili's grave.

Coming together! Watching this makes my knees hurt.
Al is getting a new knee at the end of the month. This had to hurt him.

Susan's new dog Rosie just LOVES Ted and I think he loves her too!
Look at him smiling!

Finishing up. I LOVE the pergola. Matt with the doggy buddies.

A pause in play. Rosie doing the hug/attack!!

Cute dogs!

The whole Fam-Damily!!
Ted bailed though.
I had a great time and love Matt's family. Even when it's just hanging out, it's a lot of fun.
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