Friday, August 10, 2012

Think the NFL would hire me?

"Don't let me die".  Those were my thoughts on my last run. Yesterday I had 12 hours during the day off duty before my last 12 hour night shift for the week.  I signed off at 1020 and figured if I hustled outside I could get my 14 miles in before it became a total scorcher outside.  
I was wrong, so very wrong.

I felt good too!  Until about mile 6.  OK, mile 4.  I wasn't tired I was just HOT.  I stopped at the rec center to use the bathroom (I had to pee! - dang I'm getting old), ran a couple more miles and stopped at my car which I had parked so I could stop at it twice to get ice water and energy if I needed it.  I had some energy chews and a big bottle of icy water and headed off again.  Miles 6 - 10 were interesting.  I stopped at about mile 9 to fill up my water bottle with ice and water at the gas station (and pee again - for the love!).  By the time I got to mile 10ish, I only had ice and no water and I felt totally exhausted and HOT!!  SO, I finished up that loop and when I got to my car again I drank another ice water and decided to go back to the off duty apartment and maybe finish up the last 3.4 miles just running around the complex.  When I drove off I noticed the temperature was 94 degrees.  All bets were off.  I don't want to get heat exhaustion and not be able to work later that day.  So I called it a done deal at 10.6 miles.  

Splits (remember long slow run....emphasis on SLOW)

1 - 9:44
2 - 10:44
3 - 11:01 - Big hill
4 - 10:42
5 - 10:30
6 - 10:30
7 - 10:49
8 - 11:27
9 - 11:41 - Bill hill
10 - 11:07
Last .6 miles - 10:35 

Total 10:60 miles in about 1 hour 54 minutes.
1205 calories.
2000 feet higher above sea level then I'm use to and HOT!!

I went to run errands briefly after I had drank about a gallon of ice water.  I picked up some KT tape for my foot. I had been reading about it and thought it would be world giving it a try.  Since KT tape was all I could find in Rock Springs, that was the tape for me. 
I watched the YouTube video and didn't do SO bad.  I'll need to retape it again, but most of it stayed on overnight.
Orange and black - weird Halloween Colors.
Peaking through the tops of my shoe!

The next morning I was AMAZED!!  There was no pain on getting out of bed.  I am a believer!  I still wore my shoes as much as possible, but I plan on keeping it taped for a couple of weeks.  Oh it's heaven.

Do you think I have the skills for the NFL to hire me to help wrap their athletes???  Wouldn't that be sweet!

Blog on............

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  1. Ok - you've convinced me. I'm going to KT Tape my foot tonight and see if it is indeed what I believe to be a budding case of PF that is causing me to change my form and thereby causing the knee pain...I've had the roll of tape in my bag for months - I've just never opened it lol