Friday, August 1, 2014

Things that help you run at 5am.

I was quite apprehensive about getting up and out the door by 5am.  I've said it many times that I'm not a morning runner.  I know that if I want to improve my running and keep from getting hurt then I need to run more then I was.  Running before work has happened so rarely throughout my career.  As an ICU nurse and having to be to work at 6:45 am it made it almost impossible.  But I'm determined to get through this training!  Wednesday my alarm went off at 4:30 and I stumbled out to grab some water and put the coffee on.  When I got back to my phone I saw this:

Yeah!  My friend Amy was going to join me!  Can't pass on that!  
The run was slow with 4 strides at the end.  It was especially slow because we were talking and I can't talk and run fast.  Kept my HR low and it was perfect!!

Hehehe.  Just in case we have to stop!!

Notice the night gear?  Yeah, we were out of the house before the sun woke up. We both had headlights and vests.  I see WAY too many runners early in the morning with no reflective gear on that are running on the street.  Common people!!!  Better safe then sorry!!

6 miles in 1:10:59 (talk talk with Amy)
11:50 min/miles with average HR 133
8:55 (uphill)

Another successful training sesh!!  I even managed to do all my core/leg/PT exercises last night.  Making for a most excellent day!

Night gear?  Do you do it?

Morning or evening run?

Blog on.......

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  1. I'm such a chicken and never run when it is dark outside. I usually opt for the treadmill or wel, sleep in :) So happy for you to have a running buddy, especially that early!!