Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Ho Ho's!

What a wonderful Christmas day!!  

Mostly because of these little rug rats!  
It started out a little tense.  Out of the 60 hours I put in up at Rock Springs I only flew one time and that was a late flight at 7:15am on Christmas morning.  We tried to fly at midnight but the runway wasn't plowed and of course they got up early and plowed it in time for us to fly her before our shift ended.  That meant that I didn't leave Rock Springs until noon. I also spent the first half of Christmas in my thermals and sweats that I wear under my flight suit.  Which mean that the day culminated in the most refreshing shower ever!


I did get to pass off my patient to one of my favorite nurses and the new ride!
It was so nice to be with my kids and my dogs and just RELAX!





Ted is ready for his present!
So is Zoe!

Ted is protecting his new squeaky steak!
Merry Christmas!!

Blog on.............


  1. Cool fam! Your dog is named Ted - that's awesome!

  2. He's a perfect Ted too! Rescued him from the pound about 5 years ago.